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Who we are

Hemus Technologies is an innovative company, SME, with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. The working base of Hemus Tech is the knowledge, expertise, fresh ideas and innovation capabilities of its staff and network of experts. It is organized so as to exploit the global environment regardless of time and place and promoting the innovative concept of "remote working".

The main axis of its works is the Smart Cities concept and the Smart & Secure Energy Networks concept. Further from these, Hemus Technologies is an IT consulting company which places emphasis in research of IoT technologies as well as HAPs and their applications.

Hemus Technologies has a global network of experts in the areas of information technology, innovation, homeland security and space.

Hemus Technologies is capable to monitor through its network the technological developments of the European Union and to use the Bulgarian territory as a strategical advantage.

Hemus Technologies has a strong national and regional network in Bulgaria with private companies, local authorities and academic institutions as strategic partners.

Hemus Technologies is a member of the International Aratos Group and has also delegate offices in Athens and Brussels.

Hemus Technologies Company is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO27001:2013.

Areas of expertise

Smart cities

Smart cities are developed urban areas designed with a perspective of creating high quality of life and sustainable economic development via advancement in several key sectors including technology, economy, environment, mobility, people, and government. The concept of smart cities is aimed to offer a set of infrastructure and new generation services to citizens and local authorities with the support of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Internet of things (IoT) capabilities.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The future Internet will comprise not only millions of computing machines and software services but also billions of personal and professional devices, diminutive sensors and actuators, robots, and so on, and trillions of sentient, smart, and digitized objects.

Smart & Secure Energy Networks

Nowadays, energy networks are handled via a concept of a “smart electrical grid” which includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficient resources. Electronic power conditioning and control of the production and distribution of electricity are important aspects of this smart grid.

High-altitude platforms (HAPs)

High-altitude platforms (HAPs) are aircraft, usually unmanned airships or airplanes positioned above 20 km, in the stratosphere, in order to compose a telecommunications network or perform remote sensing. The most common types used as HAPS are airplanes, airships and ballons.

Latest news



Following extensive research on migrant entrepreneurship, the MTG project partners have developed a methodology on establishing an incubator for migrants. It encounters main aspects such as training, mentorship, online platform, and a physical hub infrastructure.

You can download the methodology here.



MTG project partners have completed thorough research to develop a universal methodology on how to create a hub for migrants. The research consists of good practice analysis, study visits, surveys for migrants, interviews with migrants, and surveys for organizations working with migrants.

You can download the research report here.

Announcement of collaboration with Blockchain2050-The metachain company.

The need for encoded metadata that gives information about provenance, production history, specifications, certifications, and licenses has been the driving force behind the solution of BC2050 Metachain, operating as a platform. The most important advantage BC2050 Metachain offers to the users is the important ability of searching and discovering assets using metadata, which is much faster than conventional database queries.

With IoT devices proliferating, these devices often lack the authentication standards necessary to keep user data safe. Critical infrastructure will be damaged if hackers penetrate through the broad range of IoT devices. To ensure trust, authentication and standardization across all elements of IoT are essential for widespread adoption. BC2050 Metachain can help solve many of these security and trust challenges.

Migrant Talent Garden Project - Study Visit to Bulgaria

The Migrant Talent Garden (MTG) Study Visit (SV) with the participation of representatives of the organizations involved in the project, took place in Sofia 14 May in Sofia.


Посещение за проучване по Проекта „Migrant Talent Garden“ в България

На 14 май в София се проведе планирането в рамките на Проекта „Migrant Talent Garden“ (MTG) Посещение за проучване (ПП), в което участваха представители на организациите, участващи в проекта.